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The MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship (MPTCC) presented by Motul is a production car based wheel to wheel racing series with a rule set designed to allow the use of many common and readily available modifications found in the aftermarket tuner market.  The basis of the classes and costs will be managed by power to weight ratios rather than a restrictive set of rules. This will allow a fan pleasing diversity of competitive cars much like those found in popular time attack competitions. 

Thanks to our official series sponsors, Motovicity Distribution and ARP, racers who reach the podium will be eligible for the following cash payouts:

Position $$$ Payout
1st $125
2nd $75
3rd $50


MPTCC Classes 

edo motorsports, edik stepanyan, mptcc champion, da integra

Tuner Under - TU

12:1 Weight to Power Ratio

Tuner Over - TO

8:1 Weight to Power Ratio

MPTCC Rules and License Requirements 

MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship Rules

Here you can see the rule set for all classes; Tuner Over, Tuner Under and B-Spec.  You can also join the discussion in our MPTCC forums to get your questions answered and voice your opinion on all MPTCC topics.

MPTCC License, Tech & Transponder Requirements

If you want to race in the MPTCC you must hold a competition license. Don't have a competition license?  No problem!  We will walk you through the NASA licensing process and help you understand all the minimum requirements to run in the MPTCC.


MPTCC Event Coverage 


MPTCC Round 4 - 2015: Buttonwillow Raceway CW #13

The final rounds of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championships presented my Motul brought the gang back to Buttonwillow Raceway Park, but this time running the popular time attack configuration Clockwise #13. With many possible point outcomes, the race weekend was sure to be an interesting one. 


MPTCC Round 3 - 2015: Buttonwillow Raceway CCW #1

With the final race weekend of the MPTCC presented by Motul coming up quickly in less than 2 we are due for a much needed recap and what the teams have been busy working on in preparation for the final round of the season. Let's take a closer look at the last race weekend which ultimately shaped the close championship points chase. 


MPTCC Round 2 - 2015: Autoclub Speedway

Races 3 and 4 of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship presented by Motul brought us to AutoClub Speedway. The majority of the passes at this track happens under brake zones and through the oval. With 3 very different cars with a variety of pros and cons each, it was going to make for a very interesting race. 


MPTCC Round 1 - 2015: Willow Springs Raceway

The first MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship presented by Motul race was an interesting start to my 2015 wheel to wheel race season.  The combination of scrambling to get Project Civic EF ready enough to race, the predicted rainy weather in the forecast, and new unproven setup changes put a significant amount of stress on my shoulders.


MPTCC Round 2 - 2014: Spring Mountain

The seond race weekend of the season was a much further drive than the usual SoCal events the series is used to participating in. This time around the MPTCC was taking a road trip to Nevada. The MPTCC was heading to Pahrum NV, home of Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club.


MPTCC Round 1 - 2014: Buttonwillow Raceway

The first race of the 2014 MPTCC season was much anticipated.  Would Edo Stepanyan continue his MPTCC dominance this season?  Would Justin Taylor improve on his second place points finish last season and put the heat on Edo?  Would Project G20 fulfill its promises as a MotoIQ project car and push for the lead as well?  Or would the addition of yet another Honda mix the podium up?


MPTCC Round 0: K1 Speed - Torrance

How can we joke about NASCAR yet still cancel an event because of rain? Well, none of the racers own rain tires considering our series competes in Southern California. Before the rains came our drivers had asked to cancel or move the date for race 1 and 2. However, one driver suggested something different and it was an idea too good to pass up!



MPTCC Round 4:  Buttonwillow Raceway

After six hard fought races the MPTCC teams entered the final race weekend of the season with a couple of season championship positions up for grabs.  Like any form of motorsport, season championships depend on more than just fast lap times.  They require experience, consistency, reliability, strategy, and a little bit of good luck.


MPTCC Round 3:  Autoclub Speedway

The MPTCC presented by Motul made its second stop of the season at Autoclub Speedway in Fontana, CA. After the first four races of the season Edik Stepanyan in the M-Factory Acura Integra has a commanding lead in the championship standings, but Justin Taylor is within striking distance in Rockstar Garage/Buddy Club Honda S2000.


MPTCC Round 2:  Willow Springs Raceway

Only two races into the 2013 MPTCC season and we already have a close battle for championship positions.  No doubt Edik Stepanyan had a solid grasp on first place, but there was a fight for third place going on. 


MPTCC Autoclub Speedway

MPTCC Round 1:  Autoclub Speedway

It wasn't hot anywhere except Autoclub Speedway where the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship presented by Motul was kicking off the 2013 Season. Would we see a repeat performance by Edik Stepanyan or would 2012 Champion Michele Abbate pull ahead this time?


APM Racing Scion FRS

Sneak Peak: The APM Racing Scion FR-S

We are so accustomed to insane race car builds that we tend to think racing is not an attainable goal.  Enter the APM Racing Scion FR-S. Coming off its first running of the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, we're reminded of what a race car really should be - simple, reliable, and easy to drive. 


mazdatrix rx8

Sneak Peak: Mazdatrix Tuner Over Mazda RX8

While older rotary heads may better know Dave Lemon for his E-Production RX-7 Convertible, newer fans better recognize the blue Mazdatrix monster RX8.  While it started life as a street car, the life of Mazdatrix's RX-8 has always been a development car. We take a closer look at Mazdatrix's primary test mule.


MPTCC 2012 Finals, buttonwillow

MPTCC Round 4: Buttonwillow Raceway

After a season of controversy, action and excitement, it's come down to the final race of the season to determine who takes the Big Trophy for the 2012 MPTCC Tuner Under Championship. Will it be NASA Rookie Michele Abbate in the heavy hitting Gruppe-S tC or Edik Stepanyan in the hard charging Acura Integra?


MPTCC Infineon Raceway, Sonoma

MPTCC Round 3: Sonoma Raceway

With round 3 in the books, who would have known how this race would have ended. Well, not really how it ended, but what occurred in the pits. Finger pointing and accusations abound in the MPTCC! Who could have seen this coming? What happened to this being a simple series?


Sneak Peak: Michele Abbate's Scion TC

What do you get with a tenacious young driver and a well built car? You get Michele Abbate and the Gruppe-S 2012 Scion tC! We dive in, head first in this heavy-weight car and will also show you why it's actually more attainable than at first blush! 



Sneak Peak: Edik Stepanyan's DA Acura Integra

It's running away from you, that little, old DA Acura Integra. It's got to be cheating, there is no way your car, with a bigger engine and the same power to weight ratio is losing! Or is there? We take you into the machine that has nearly dominated both rounds of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship.


MPTCC Round 2 - Autoclub Speedway

Based on what we know at Round 1 from Buttonwillow Raceway, the MPTCC Cars are fast! Now we enter Round 2 at one of the fastest circuits in the MPTCC, Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.


MPTCC, GTA, Buttonwillow 

MPTCC & GTA Round 1 - Buttonwillow

The MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship kicks off its 2012 season alongside GTA and the good folks at NASA.  Buttonwillow would be the track and our racers would be running alongside a packed field of cars! 


Yoshihara and Bonanni Win MPTCC TU & TO Classes

Fresh off his 2011 Formula Drift Championship, Dai Yoshihara proved that he can drive grip as well as he can drift by clinching the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship TU class at the first inaugural North American Festival of Speed at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


Stepanyan Stomps TU - MPTCC Round 4 - Willow Springs

Edik Stepanyan who normally runs NASA’s H2 class won both rounds of the MPTCC Liberty Grand Prix on July 2-3.  Edik, driving the #78 Acura Integra, won the first round on Saturday after an exciting battle with another NASA star, Andy Hope in the #62 Honda CRX.


Bonanni and Yoshihara win MPTCC Round 3 - Autoclub Speedway

Bonanni won the Tuner Over class which had a light field thinned by the attrition of three entrants in qualifying and practice. Current Formula D points leader Dai Yoshihara lead every lap of the Tuner Under race in the Team MotoIQ Nissan Sentra.


Time Attack and MPTCC Round 2 - Firebird Raceway

We make our way down to Firebird International Raceway for Round 2 of the MPTCC, Circuit Battles, Pro Time Attack and Lotus Cup Races.


Time Attack and MPTCC Round 1 - Willow Springs Raceway

Berk Technology's Mike Bonanni and Formula D ace Dai Yoshihara, driving for Spoon Sport, were victorious in MotoIQ's inaugural MPTCC race!




2015 Team Standings


Tuner Under


Position Driver Points
1 Justin Taylor 95
2 Clint Boisdous 91
3 Martin Gonzales 81


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