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External Combustion Rocket Anti Lag System + JDM Spec C Impreza STI

By Eric Hsu 

The external combustion anti-lag "rocket" combustor was used on the factory Prodrive built WRC STi Subaru cars to improve the EJ20 engine's inherent mediocre torque and engine response. The rocket is so good that a version of it is still in use today in the 2012 Japanese Super GT GT300 STi BRZ which also uses an EJ20. Last time I wrote a teaser article, but this time we'll take a look at some of the details of the rocket combustor anti-lag system as it applies to my buddy Ben's JDM Impreza STi Spec C street car over in the UK. 


ARK Design Team America BNR32 GT-R Update

by Mike Kojima and Eric Hsu

The Team America crew has been busy and the car has really come together in the past couple of weeks.  The goal is to be able to have the car dyno tuned and track session tested before it has to go into a shipping container and hopefully end up in Australia this time (if you have been following our story, two years ago, instead of going to WTAC, the car ended up in China for a few months due to the freight forwarder making a huge mistake).

Eric Hsu and Gary Castillo have been working around the clock to get the car done with everyone else on the team pitching in on the weekends. The major fabrication is nearly complete and the engine has been started and run.  What's left is to finish up the top secret Andrew Brilliant designed aero package, do the final installation of the wire harness and to clean up and work on the cosmetics of the car like the Team America inspired wrap.


ARK Design Team America BNR32 GT-R Update

by Mike Kojima

In this week's update for the ARK Design Team America BNR32 Time Attack car, we address air management issues around the front of the car with a unique intercooler arrangement  and some hopefully clever ducting. 


tilton evo tsukuba circuit yokohama

Nerd's Eye View: Tilton Interiors Mitsubishi EVO 9

by Eric Hsu

Right around the corner this weekend on October 18-19 is the 2013 World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC). I bring to you in great detail the Tilton Interiors EVO 9. It was the fastest EVO at the 2012 WTAC...sorry make that the fastest UNIBODY EVO and 2nd overall fastest car overall at Sydney's 2012 World Time Attack Challenge last year. This car was one of my favorites at WTAC 2012 because it is the embodiment of a true Time Attack car without all the random crazy flaps, wings, and panels sticking out all over the place and the rear half of the car cut off and replaced with tubes. Sure you'd need some money to recreate the Tilton EVO, but was still 100% pure Mitsubishi CT9A EVO. After the jump is the way you'd have your dream EVO if you had the right combination of builders, crew, driver, owner, and of course money.


mca nissan s13

Nerd's Eye View: The MCA Suspensions "Hammerhead" Silvia S13

Story by Eric Hsu, Photos by Jeff Naeyaert and Josh Coote at MCA Suspension

The MCA S13 finished in 3rd place overall at the 2012 World Time Attack Challenge which is pretty amazing considering it's rear wheel drive. That's no simple feat in an event dominated by all wheel drive cars, big budgets, and world famous JDM tuners. What got the MCA S13 there was a great build by Murray and Josh Coote and their crew of friends with attention to detail exactly where it was needed. Of course great driving by ex-A1 GP Kiwi driving ace, Earl Bamber, doesn't hurt either. You've seen how crazy this thing looks and you've heard how fast it is. Now come and check out what's underneath the skin of the MCA S13 as I walk you through the car in detail. Best of all, IT DOESN'T HAVE AN LS ENGINE IN IT!

new 2014 mazda 3

The All New 2014 Mazda 3 West Coast Unveiling at the W Hollywood

Story by Eric Hsu, Photos by Martin Gonzales and Luke Munnell

Hollywood. Everybody knows it. Tourists want to visit. Us Los Angeles locals know it as a part of town where the rich, beautiful and superficial are plentiful. For an expensive and potentially crazy night out on the town it's hard to beat. But once in a while, you gotta do it; especially when Mazda invites you to the W Hotel in Hollywood for a night of food, drinks, and cars.


wtac 2013

It's Almost That Time Again - World Time Attack Challenge's 2013 Promotional Video

by Eric Hsu

Are you guys ready for the fastest Time Attack from all over the world, drama, suspense, controversy, and maybe some good old shit talkin? Check out WTAC's promotional video after the jump just released an hour ago.


motoiq nemo evo

BEST OF 2012 - Sneak Peek: The NEMO Racing EVO, Part 1

Text by Eric Hsu, MotoIQ Photos by Jeff Naeyaert, all other photos by NEMO Racing

Unless you've been living under a Time Attack rock, there's no doubt you've heard of the amazing NEMO Racing EVO. At the recent 2012 World Time Attack Challenge in Sydney, Australia, the NEMO EVO piloted by Aussie V8 Supercars driver Warren Luff,  did it's best lap time of 1:25.020 which effectively destroyed the CyberEVO's record lap time of 1:28.851. That's 3.831 seconds faster than what was previously the fastest Time Attack car in the world. After the jump I break down exactly why this beautifully constructed EVO is the fastest Time Attack car in the world.


team america gtr 

Team America World Time Attack - ARK Design's BNR32 Skyline GT-R Part 9

by Eric Hsu

I realize it's been a long ass time since I've published an update, but they'll start rolling out again somewhat regularly after the new year. The car arrived safely back to Design Craft in September from the giant shipping mishap to China. Progress has been slow with Team American members busy with the remainder of the Formula D season, SEMA, the holidays, and new jobs (for several of us ex-Cosworth people). I never did completely finish the coverage on what happened up until we rolled into the shipping container so part 9 will continue directly from part 8.


nemo evo title

Sneak Peek: The NEMO Racing EVO, Part 2

Story by Eric Hsu, MotoIQ photos by Jeff Naeyaert, other photos by NEMO Racing

In Part 1 we covered a little of the history behind Chris Eaton and the NEMO Racing EVO, some of the build process, and the car's exterior features including the balls out aero. This time in Part 2, we'll cover what's going on inside and some of the awesome details that makes this EVO the fastest Time Attack EVO in the world.


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