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Who is the best? Calling all Road Racers, Drifters, Autocrossers, Drag Racers, Canyon Runners, Time Attackers and Track Day Enthusiasts!

By Mike Kojima

Get any group of drivers together, give them a few beers and the smack talk starts. Usually, drivers from many different disciplines all think they are the best. Road racers look down on drifters, drifters see themselves as the kings of car control, drag racers rule acceleration, canyon runners seem to feel they are soul drivers and autocrossers smugly feel that parking lot contests of low-speed agility put them on top. We have created an even playing field where the talking can stop and the real bragging rights can be earned!


How to Pass Tech Inspection for The Drift League and Other Events!

By Mike Kojima

As the Technical Director for The Drift League, I was pleased that the quality of many of the Pro-Am cars that myself and Nikita Rushmanove were high and we have plenty of solid cars in the series. On the other hand, I was dismayed at the fact that NONE of the cars we inspected passed tech the first time through!


Bringing the Heat: Under Control!

by Frank Ewald

With our first track day and Knox Mountain Hill Climb 2018 now behind us, we can say without question that the HeatShield Products and the Koyorad have absolutely increased the cooling capacity of the NX GTi-R on the track. Our benchmark temperatures were set last October on a cool and sunny day. The daytime high was 16°Celcius. The temperatures we checked on May 5 and it was a sunny day and the ambient temperature was 22°Celcius (that's about 72°Fahrenheit). The temperatures were checked after the car had been out for the second session and, as this was a CACC Time Attack event here at Mission's River's Edge Road Course, you can appreciate that the car was being pushed. Two weeks later the NX was at the 61st Annual Knox Mountain Hill Climb; the runs up the hill showed an amazing difference one year later. The extensive improvements to the cooling system absolutely worked.


The MotoIQ Hellafunctional Showdown Presented by KW

by Martin Gonzales

Being the very first event of its kind the obvious question is, what exactly is the MotoIQ Hellafunctional Showdown presented by KW? Simply put, It is the anti-hard parking car show. Here at MotoIQ we build fast cars, love fast cars and want to see/drive nothing but fast cars. We're not exactly the car show going type and neither are our fans. So we wanted to create an event that would allow like-minded gearheads to display their builds and, most importantly, prove they are more than just good looking cars. This would require combining elements of a car show, car meet, track-day, and autocross.


ProAm Drifting Returns to Irwindale Speedway - The Drift League Round 1 Recap

By Rathyna Gomer

Just in case you've been living in a cave, MotoIQ has ventured into the drift world with a new competitive, ProAm series called The Drift League (TDL). TDL's inaugural year is set to have four rounds of competition that will all take place at Irwindale Speedway. At the end of the season, the top three drivers will earn their Formula DRIFT PRO2 licenses and will be eligible to compete in FD next year. 


A Proper Primer on Personal Protection

by Erik Jacobs

In the time between the SC300 getting dyno tuned and our first track day (complete with transmission soup), I had some extra shopping to do. It turned out that all of my personal safety equipment had timed out, and it all needed to be replaced with current gear. This is not an inexpensive proposition. For the average track day, a brain bucket is all that’s needed. But we had built a full-on race car and were intending to go wheel-to-wheel -- more would be required. And, generally speaking, it doesn’t hurt to have all the safety gear you can afford / bear to purchase.


Event Coverage: 2018 Indianapolis 500 in Photos

By David Zipf

Longtime readers should know by now that I have a love affair with the Indy 500.  I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: the Indianapolis 500 is the race that got me interested in cars and motorsports.  Going is always a special event for me, whether it’s as press or as a fan.  Going as press has been an amazing experience and I end up taking a few thousand photos during the race weekend.  It’s rather a shame that we only publish a few dozen on MotoIQ, so instead of doing a normal race recap I thought it would be more interesting to pick out some of the coolest pictures I captured during the weekend and share them with some thoughts, observations, and notes.  By the time this has gone live you’ll either know what happened, or you won’t care, so hopefully, this approach brings a different perspective to the race.


The King of Speed, PZ Tunings Amazing Time Attack Civic

By Mike Kojima

William Au-Yeung has been changing the course of history as of late, time attack history that is with his amazing 2012 Honda FB6 Civic Si. Not only has William been dominating the FWD Unlimited class but he has been taking the overall top times at GTA's Buttonwillow and Road Atlanta events.


Sign Up for the MotoIQ Hellafunctional Showdown Presented By KW!

MotoIQ Announcement

Want to do more than just watch the drifting action at our first ever The Drift League competition? We got you covered with a brand new anti-hardpark show - The MotoIQ Hellafunctional Showdown presented by KW! This coming Friday you can participate in our functional "car-show", run in the Super-G Track Battle and watch the first round of The Drift League for only $60!



Inside the 1000 hp LS, Dai Yoshihara's Formula Drift Powerplant

By Mike Kojima

MotoIQ Garage has taken over the development of Dai Yoshihara's engine program for the last two years from a famous high dollar engine builder. The previous engine had decent power but the reliability was lacking. We were experiencing some sort of engine related issue every few events and halfway through the season, the engine performance would degrade and a fresh engine would need to be installed.  


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