Red Nissan 370Z

motoIQ Feature; Nissan 370Z Styling Impressions

By motoIQ Staff

We had known something was up at Nissan when we spotted 7/8 scale 350Z's with bulged hoods and flared fenders rolling around at night and when peering through the plastic slats in the chain link fence surrounding Nissan's Gardena California Headquarters—slats that were intended to block causal viewing, but didn't quite stop the observant curious from looking.  We knew Nissan was probably up to testing a new Z car and our wish was to be able to take a peek at it.

From our sister site 370z.com


Nissan Nismo 370Z

motoIQ Feature; Nissan's 350 hp Nismo 370Z Model Due in June!

by Sarah Forst

The Nismo 370Z is not only a looker but as you would expect from Nismo, has functional performance improvements over the base 370Z as well. The Nismo 370Z comes with an exclusive, unique and functional body kit that is not available as a Nismo accessory at the dealership. The wind tunnel tuned and racing-inspired body lines are fierce with sculptural fenders, upswept quarter windows, vertical door handles, and aluminum hood, door panels, and hatchback.

From our sister site 370z.com




EVENT COVERAGE:  2009 Motorgen Angeles Crest Cruise

By Martin Gonzales

What could possibly be better than cruising the freshly paved mountainous roads of Los Angeles?  Doing it with a great group of gear heads like the folks at Motorgen.com!  They truly are a unique group, unlike the majority of car groups, the Motorgen crew has set out to satisfy the cravings of every car enthusiast by combining all the colors of the car rainbow.



Hot Import Nights 2009

EVENT COVERAGE:  2009 Hot Import Nights - Where Dreams Are Reality Tour

By Aaron Guardado and Mari Umekubo; Photos By Mari Umekubo unless where noted

Hot Import Nights cruised through comfortably on a clear sunny day at Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim, CA.  Throngs of car enthusiasts and automotive media stood patiently in line to enter into a realm of exotic and audaciously modified cars, scantily dressed car models, cycle, scooter, and race car showcases, scratchy DJ music, and hour long bathroom lines!


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