Project Fried Turkey

Project: Fried Turkey

MotoIQ Staff Report

Well, the holiday season is upon us, and we decided we were going to cook something MotoIQ style, which means it has to be technical and dangerous. What better thing to cook than a fried turkey? Frying a turkey gets the job done in only 45 minutes and leaves you with a succulent and tasty bird with very little hassle and an easy clean up.


All-Season Versus Winter Tires: A Racecar Driver's Consensus

Presented by Tire Rack and Michelin

by Karla Pestotnik

I think I can comfortably say that I’ve used all-season tires in almost any creative scenario that I can think of. I’ve used them on a racetrack countless times in several different cars, trying to drive as cleanly as possible with minimal grip in search of the best possible lap time for each given platform. I’ve used them as “rain tires” because that is what was available at the time and had better water dispersion than race slicks in a sprint race with down pouring rain. I’ve done some off-roading with them on trucks, SUVs and even vans, and had my fair share of times getting stuck in sand and/or mud with them (a few occasions with a trailer connected even). I have even used them for what they are generally intended for- you know, normal driving in a regular passenger car on public roads and highways. However, after attending the Winter Driving Event that Tire Rack and Michelin hosted, I can now say that I have used all-season tires in ice drag racing!

We did several comparison tests to evaluate whether or not it's worth it to buy winter tires, considering how versatile all-season tires can be. What does a racecar driver have to say about it? Click to find out!


WATCH: Installation and Test Drive of the Pedders eXtreme XA Coilovers for the Chevrolet SS

Coilover installation and test drive. Pedders eXtreme XA Coilovers on a Chevrolet SS. Angel Robles of Pedders Suspension gives us some insight on Pedders and their suspension offerings.


Nerd-O-Scope: Honeywell Garrett’s G-Series Turbochargers

by Khiem Dinh

The new Honeywell Garrett G-Series turbo line is the most exciting product launch since the infamous Disco Potato. Everyone knows the GT-Series turbos were getting very long in the tooth. The GTX launch was an upgrade with updated compressor aero and new families of v-band, T3 divided, and v-band divided turbine housings. The GTX Gen2 launch was a further improvement in compressor flow along with new compressor housing castings. But overall, the foundation of the turbos had stayed the same for two decades. Enter the G-Series which is a clean sheet design to address and upgrade every aspect of the GT/GTX series turbos. This is a true motorsports grade turbo for the masses. 


Curly's Corner: A Nerd's Eye on Formula 1 - Mexican Grand Prix

by David Zipf

Welcome back to our post-race breakdown of Formula 1! In case you missed it, MotoIQ will be bringing you its own particular nerdtastic take on the latest news and developments in F1. Impress your neighbors, stun your friends, and woo the ladies with your newfound F1 knowledge!  In this edition, we take a look at the Mexican Grand Prix and look forward to the final two races of 2017.


TESTED: Ford Mustang GT Power Packs 1-3

by Billy Johnson

Ford Performance offers three different 50-state legal “Power Packs” for the 2015-2017 Mustang GT that increases horsepower without affecting the factory warranty*.  We back-to-back test Power Packs 1, 2, & 3 on a stock Mustang GT to see if Ford’s claim of 13-37hp increases are legitimate.  We then analyze the GT350 intake manifold’s effect on the torque curve to see if it really has less low-RPM torque than stock in favor of high-RPM power.  Finally, we determine which packages would be best for street and track use through in-depth torque and gear ratio analysis.


The Worst Cars Are the Best Cars

by Matt Brown

There are no bad cars, there are only cars that cost more than they should. My first car was a Plymouth Volare. It did not cost me more than it should; it cost me $600, and it was worth every penny.


Curly's Corner: A Nerd's Eye on Formula 1 - United States Grand Prix

by David Zipf

Welcome back to our post-race breakdown of Formula 1! In case you missed it, MotoIQ will be bringing you its own particular nerdtastic take on the latest news and developments in F1. Impress your neighbors, stun your friends, and woo the ladies with your newfound F1 knowledge!  See our take on the US race and some predictions for the upcoming Mexican Grand Prix!


$20,000 at Stake: The Speed Ring by Motovicity!

by Frank Ewald

Photos by Motovicity and M1 Concourse

The Speed Ring by Motovicity is the richest Time Attack event held in North America. The fastest time of the weekend headed home from The Speed Ring with $20 000.00 cash in their brand new briefcase. Plus the ultimate bragging rights as the fastest Time Attack car in North America - backed up by a big, shiny, and hugely coveted 'Ultimate Badass' trophy. This is the second year that Motovicity has held The Speed Ring and it is, without a doubt, a not to be missed event.

2017's Speed Ring took place in the mid-west at Michigan's new M1 Concourse. It was a two day event with Saturday being a standard time attack event while Sunday was a crowd pleasing, Touge-style bracket race with the best two out of three laps coming out on top as the winner. Motovicity teamed up with GridLife to build the event which is just two years old. This is a quick overview of The Speed Ring with a focus upon the cars that ran in the Touge Bracket Racing. Did you miss The Speed Ring this year? Plan for it next year. And if you are overseas, start looking into booking your shipping container now so that you will be ready. The North American's are ready for you!


How to Build Fredric Aasbo's Drift Toyota Corolla iM!

Make yourself comfortable and take a DEEP dive with Mike Kojima as he walks around Fredric Aasbo's 2017 Formula Drift Toyota Corolla iM with the legendary builder and team owner Stephan Papadakis!  Learn what goes into building one of the most technologically advanced cars in the 2017 Formula D field!


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