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Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 17 - Get out there! Or not...

by Erik Jacobs

With the car idling and most of the core sensors configured, we needed to keep moving forward in our electronics configuration in order to get to a point where we could actually drive the car. Technically we could drive the car right now, but without a functional dashboard that wouldn't be a very good idea - it's kind of hard to drive with a laptop in your... lap.


Controlling the Heat: KoyoRad

by Frank Ewald

In the last article we discussed how HeatShield Products were being used to contain the heat. This article is looking at the installation of a Koyorad aluminum radiator. It is this author's perspective that the Koyorad radiator has long been viewed as one of the best rads available for the Nissan SR20. The installation in the NX GTi-R was quick and painless. Koyorad is a very well known radiator company that build incredible aluminum racing rads. This new rad is a key part of optimizing the cooling system. 


Project GT3RS Getting More Power With Dundon Motorsports Part 2

By Mike Kojima

The Porsche GT3 RS is a supercar with state of the art engineering in the powertrain department.  It has a naturally aspirated 6 cylinder flat 6 that pumps out an amazing 125 hp per liter.  The 9A1 engine has an 8800 rpm redline and a stratospheric 13:1 compression ratio which it somehow runs with on pump gas, even California's crappy 91 octane pee water, with the aid of direct injection.


WATCH: Easy and Effective R35 GT-R Aerodynamic Improvements!

Check out how we increased the downforce on our GT-R by 13% and reduced the drag coefficient all the way down to an amazing .25 with just a few simple bolt on parts. All CFD verified!


Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 16 - We have ignition!

by Erik Jacobs

In the last segment, we said that we had finished wiring everything, but that’s not quite true. There were just a couple of finishing touches to sort through and then we would be able to power up the chassis and start programming devices!


Inside the 1000 hp LS, Dai Yoshihara's Formula Drift Powerplant

By Mike Kojima

MotoIQ Garage has taken over the development of Dai Yoshihara's engine program for the last two years from a famous high dollar engine builder. The previous engine had decent power but the reliability was lacking. We were experiencing some sort of engine related issue every few events and halfway through the season, the engine performance would degrade and a fresh engine would need to be installed.  


Event Coverage: 2018 IndyCar Grand Prix

By David Zipf

It’s May!  And that means MotoIQ is back at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, covering the IndyCar Grand Prix and the Indy 500.  As has been the tradition for the last five years, the Month of May kicks off with the Indy GP held on IMS’ ex-Formula 1 road course.  Let’s dive into the race and see what went down!


Controlling the Heat: HeatShield Products

by Frank Ewald

In the last article on the NX GTi-R there should have been no doubt in anyone's mind that the temperatures in the engine bay and the engine itself were bordering on the extreme. Temperatures that were under control in 30 minute track day sessions were now spiraling upwards. The larger turbo, the tighter clearances when the engine was built with forged parts, and the loss of the mystical factory manifold heat shield when I transported the NX across the country have all conspired against me.


Project R35 GT-R, Really Improving the Aero with Verus Engineering

By Mike Kojima

While its somewhat bulky looks are deceiving, the DBA R35 GT-R is one of the most aerodynamic cars currently in production with a Coefficient of drag of .26.  This puts in in the top 10 of production sedans with low drag coefficients. 


Curly's Corner: A Nerd's Eye on Formula 1 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix

By David Zipf

Welcome back to our post-race breakdown of Formula 1! MotoIQ is bringing you its own particular nerdtastic take on the latest news and developments in F1. Impress your neighbors, stun your friends, and woo the ladies with your newfound F1 knowledge!


WATCH: Easy DIY Curb Rashed Wheel Repair!

Sooo we kinda f-ed up one of the SSR Professor SP4 wheels on Project V8 RX-7 pretty bad backing into a curb a couple weeks ago.. With nothing to lose and no time to get it professionally repaired before LS Fest West last weekend we took a stab at fixing the curb rashed wheel ourselves! 


Can an Oil Change Make More Power? We Test Idemitsu ZEPRO Eco Medalist and Find Out!

By Mike Kojima

Can you make significant power gains just by changing oil?  In the past, we have proven that switching from a lower grade mineral oil to a premium synthetic oil can be good for a couple or three hp. However, is it possible to make serious gains in power from just an oil change by changing the viscosity of the oil as well as the type? 


Project Hyper-Miler Jetta MKIV TDI Part 4, Upgrading the Turbo with Garrett

By Colin Clyne

For this 4th installment, the long-lost Project Hypermiler gets some ponies! We install a turbo from Garrett to take care of the hot side, and injectors and a tune from KermaTDI to take care of the cold side!   


Ryan Passey's Amazing Mazda Hyper Miata

By Mike Kojima

We have always liked the super-efficient cars of Moti Almagor's Blackbird Fabworx. His cars have a distinct signature; lightweight, elegant, very fast with very little horsepower. Focus is put on maximizing handling, braking and cornering grip in a simple package. Recently at the last Global TIme Attack event at Buttonwillow raceway we got to check out Ryan Passey's, of Goodwin Racing, 1990 Mazda Hyper Miata that was built by Ryan in collaboration with Blackbird Fabworx.


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