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Project NSX Pt 6 Title

Project NSX: Part 6 – Building the Ultimate Fuel Pump Assembly

by Billy Johnson

The NSX’s stock 155lph fuel pump reportedly maxes out around 400whp which will not suffice for our turbocharged 500whp+ goal.  We upgrade the factory pump with the new Walbro 416 E85 compatible fuel pump and visit our friends at Brown and Miller Racing Solutions for motorsport-grade alcohol approved fuel lines, fittings, and electrical wiring.  We finish the build by taking our hanger to be PTFE coated by Calico coatings.


Project NSX Part 5 Title

Project NSX Part 5 – We Dyno Test A Ported Intake Manifold and Headers

by Billy Johnson

In what will probably be the first and last article for pursuing naturally aspirated power gains in our 1992 NSX, we look into the design of the stock NSX’s Variable-Volume intake manifold, gut and port it, and add headers.  We then strap the car to a dyno to see how much power we gained over the factory rated 270hp @ 7,100rpm and 210lb-ft of torque @ 5,300rpm 90-degree 2,977cc V6 engine.


Project NSX

Project NSX: Part 4 – We track test KW Suspension, Volk Wheels and Nitto Tires in Pursuit of a Track Record

by Billy Johnson

It’s been almost 5 years, but Project NSX is back!  While the turbo motor build has had some setbacks, we continue to move forward with the chassis of the car.  We made it out to Buttonwillow and broke some records with the help of a few new parts including KW Variant-3 Coilovers, Volk CE28 Wheels and Nitto NT05 tires.


Acura NSX C32 FX Motorsports Development rotating assembly


By Billy Johnson and Sarah Forst

Project NSX is the Brainchild of FX Motorsports Development, an NSX tuning shop whose time attack turbo NSX is currently smashing unlimited class records throughout the Redline Circuit. FX Motosports Development is transferring a lot of the knowledge gleaned from their time attack program to build the ultimate NSX turbo street motor. The goals of our motor is to make a rock reliable 530 or so wheel hp on pump gas with the ability to be track driven without missing a beat.


Project NSX: Part 2 - Tuning a Limited Slip Differential; Tricks of the Pros

By Mike Kojima and Billy Johnson

By nature a differential wants to send all of the engines power to the wheel with the least amount of traction, the path of least resistance. The side effect of this is unwanted inside wheel-spin out of corners, and even single wheel spin on straight-aways (aka: peg-legging, one-tire-fire, etc…). This greatly affects acceleration since the power is not able to be put to the ground efficiently and is lost through the inside unloaded tire.


Project NSX: Part 1 - Building the Bulletproof Transaxle

by Billy Johnson and Mike Kojima

Now  the Acura NSX is becoming affordable on the used car market and there are many fine examples for a reasonable price for sale at any given time.  Although the car is still quite modern, some of the technology has become a bit long in the tooth and needs some upgrading to stay in line with current supercars and even what can be done to some of the other Japanese exotics in the aftermarket.


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