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Project Focus ST: Getting More Power with Cobb Tuning!

by Mike Kojima

In our last segment of Project Focus ST, we reviewed some parts from Cobb Tuning for our car. To get a nice safe boost in power, we got a Cobb Stage III upgrade which includes a V3 Access port ECU flasher, larger more efficient intercooler, larger charge pipes, a cold air intake, a larger freer flowing downpipe, a freer flowing exhaust and a heavy duty motor mount.  In this installment it's time to put these parts to the test!


Project Focus ST- Making Power with Cobb Tuning!

by Mike Kojima

It's been a while since we have done much with our Project Focus ST but that is about to change.  In the past installments we worked on upgrading our car's suspension.  With the suspension done it's time to focus on other stuff.  What a bad pun.  The other stuff is going to be handled with the arrival of a big pallet of goodies from Cobb Tuning.

Our stuff from Cobb is mostly going to focus on getting more easy and plentiful bolt on power from the engine with their Stage 3 Power Package with a few other goodies to enhance the car's handling as well.  Man we cannot get away from these focus puns.


Project Focus ST - Working on the basics with Eibach, Falken Tires, Rotiform and KW Suspension

by Mike Kojima

In today's market it seems like the Sport Compact car of just a few short years ago is dead, as in really dead.  Car enthusiasts at least in our Southern California locale are abandoning the segment in droves.  By my definition a Sport Compact is a small front wheel drive sedan.  You hardly ever see a fixed up car like this anymore on the street or at events.  Is the segment a victim of a fickle youth market?  Was the whole Sport Compact scene just a fad?

We think not and the New Ford Focus ST is just what the segment needs to breathe some life into it.  Check out how we make it faster with some help from KW, Eibach, Falken Tires and Rotiform Wheels!


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