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Project Civic SI, Wilwood Brakes

Project Civic SI Wilwood Front and Rear Brake Upgrade

By Aaron LaBeau

Big brakes are car porn at its best.  More than anything else, this upgrade to our project has elicited the most conversations from drooling valet attendants who also drive Civic SI’s  We've even received a brief glance from a Turbo Porsche owner who was eager to show what 300 more horsepower could do on an open stretch of road.


Project Civic SI, progress suspension

Project Civic SI Progress Suspension

By Aaron LaBeau

When searching for a Civic SI suspension we wanted to be sure this was an "upgrade" we could live with every day.  Weekend garage queens and purpose built track cars are fun for the occasional poke but for daily driven street cars, comfort trumps performance.  Any upgrade in performance would therefore have to be a bit of a doppelganger; refined for the commute but hard-edged enough not to roll over in the corners.


Project Civic SI, wheels and tires

Project Civic SI RAYS 57Xtreme wheels and Nitto Motivo tires

By Aaron LaBeau

For a long time this journalist has lusted after having a set of expensive three piece wheels with an aggressive and deep polished lip. Unfortunately, the narrow offset and extra wide wheel necessary for this look can be problematic on FWD cars for clearance with both the suspension and fenders.


project honda civic si

Project Civic SI Hondata Flashpro

By Aaron LaBeau

I'm basically starting over with this Honda project discovering which sites keep the opinion at a minimum and can engage in thoughtful discussion about automotive aftermarket performance.  I've seen bench-racing posts, YouTube video's with Civic SI's winning or losing street races and lots of seat of the pants testing.  Who's got the most accurate butt dyno?


Project Honda Civic SI

Project Civic SI CT Engineering Intake and Exhaust

By Aaron LaBeau

When it came time to succumb to the modifying bug with the Civic SI (FA5) I realized in modifying cars we are doing something reflective of ourselves. One of the best parts about modifying a car is making it yours. If you've been reading our publication for a while you know we favor racecar parts and function over stanced out showcars. But, there's that line you cross when your street car loses the comfort and convenience in exchange for that performance that makes your car so different from every other one out there.





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