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Project G20 Race Car: Building a More Bulletproof SR20DE!

by Mike Kojima

The good old stock SR20DE in our Project G20 Racecar has been doing yeoman duty, reliably lasting for the last few years racing in the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship and doing many for-fun track days.  The stock SR20DE in our Project G20 Racecar came from a Japanese engine importer and has never been opened up, other than to add big cams back when we used to run the car in N/A trim.  For the past three years the engine has been turbocharged which has greatly increased the strain it's experienced. 


Project Infiniti G20 Racecar: Making it Stick With APR’s Wing and Splitter

by Steve Rockwood

Project G20’s an aerodynamic disaster. It’s blockish shape leads to a car that makes masonry look sleek. As a result of poor aero combined with suspension balance in line with “loose is fast, don’t be a <sissy>”, we needed all the APR aero help we could to tame this bronco.


TESTED: Toyo Proxes RR

by Steve Rockwood

Toyo has been a staple in the R-compound world ever since it introduced the RA1. Until now, they didn’t offer a true DOT dry weather track tire. With the Proxes RR, Toyo makes a run at this hotly contested field. We tested a set to find out if they succeeded.


Achilles Tire Test Cover G20

TESTED: Achilles GS-328 Race Tire

By Steve Rockwood

I've driven on a lot of tires, some of them horrible, some of them great. All of them have been DOT legal. Until now. When we were approached by Achilles Tire to try out their new GS-328 racing slick on Project G20 Racecar, we predictably jumped at the opportunity.


toyo proxes ra1

TESTED: Toyo Proxes RA1

By Steve Rockwood

It seems the RA1 has been around since before time began. Ask an "old timer" (well, relatively) and they'll tell you that the RA1 was the holy grail of DOT competition tires. A decade ago, a walk through the hot pits of any track event would net you rows and rows of RA1-shod cars. Times have changed, but have they passed the RA1 by? We installed a set on Project G20 Racecar to find out.


Project Infiniti G20 Transmission upgrades case cover

Project Infiniti G20 Racecar: Transmission Upgrades

By Steve Rockwood

It seems that every time we try to do something to make Project G20 faster, we find a faster way to break something.  This time around, we were certain that while the stock Nissan RS5F32V transmission in our G20 was made of sugar glass, that our modest turbo power levels, stock clutch, and not-so-abusive driving habits should make it last through a season.  After three race laps, we were greeted with the all too familiar sound of a fork in a garbage disposal coming from the transmission.  Someday, we'll learn a lesson the easy way.


HANS Photo (replace with Cover)

TESTED: HANS Adjustable and Sparco Harness

By Steve Rockwood

Racing is hazardous to your health.  With a helmet on, one of the most immediate dangers to your continued existence on this planet is a basilar skull fracture. I, like most out there, prefer my neck to stay unbroken, so I went in search of an SFI 38.1 compliant device and harness built specifically for it.  Luckily, HANS and Sparco had something available that had higher expectations than me.


Project Infiniti G20 Racecar: Even More Power

By Steve Rockwood

In kid's soccer, everyone gets a trophy, regardless of finishing order.  No winners, no losers.  Motorsports, on the other hand, is completely defined by whether you're winning or losing.  Unfortunately, our normally aspirated SR20 was not so mighty when compared to the other MPTCC cars, so we forced some air down its throat in the hopes of finally getting some hardware. 


Project G20 Racecar: AEM AQ-1 Data Logger Install

By Steve Rockwood

My memory is horrible.  Outside of which landmarks to aim for, my recollection of what I just did to nail that last corner just right is downright absent, and I couldn't really even tell you if it actually was nailed just right.  Peak coolant temp on that last session?  Hell if I know, seemed fine when I bothered to look at it.  A/F ratios?  The guy behind me said I shot flames on decel, so rich would be my guess.  Intake temps?  No clue.  The fact is, there's a lot going on inside a racecar, and it requires a whole hell of a lot more of my attention than I can give.  Enter the AEM AQ-1 Data Logger.


TESTED:  Goodyear Eagle RS Competition Tire

By Steve Rockwood

The most important part of a race car, and likely the largest expense you’ll have in any given racing weekend, is tires.  As a result, I want to make those expensive gumballs last as long as possible without going slow.  In the never ending game of rubberized trade-offs, we installed a set of Goodyear Eagle RS DOT R-compound tires on Project G20 Racecar.


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