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Project IS-F: Evaluating the Nitto Motivo Tire

by Mike Kojima

Our Project IS-F is still around, it has been quietly and reliably racking up the miles doing daily driving duties in and around Orange County.  Our car is driven at about 70% street driving and 30% highway driving. One thing we have noticed is that the car has a healthy appetite for tires even though the car is used mostly for family transportation duty. For instance, the factory Michelin Pilot Sports were gone after only 11,000 miles. 


Project IS-F: Getting New Shoes with Nitto Tires

by Mike Kojima

Project IS-F is a real daily driver, driven every day by a little old Asian lady back and forth to work. On weekends the car also hauls the family along, fast.  The car gets a lot of miles on it and day in and out wear and tear.


Project Car Update:  The V8 Edition

By Colin Holte

A quick glance at the project car column should tell you that MotoIQ has a large (and ever expanding) roster of project vehicles.  With all these vehicles it can sometimes be tough to keep the updates flowing for each.  In some cases vehicles may have even been sold but we still keep them on the project roll for posterity.  These articles are intended to share a little bit of the details with you of where some of the project vehicles that haven't seen the spotlight in a while are at in their evolution.  In this installment we check in with the V8s:  Project Mustang V8 5.0, Project Tundra, Project V8 RX-7, and Project Lexus IS F.


Project Lexus IS-F, Improving the ride via the brakes with FIGS Engineering

By Mike Kojima

In our last edition of Project IS-F, we had gone through our brake system with NS compound pads and slotted rotors from Project Mu, which replaced the stock, well worn OEM Brembo parts.  We were pretty pleased with how the pads had a nice, well, Mu (or coefficient of friction in geek talk) and super low dusting with enough fade resistance so that we never noticed any in the car's daily driving routine.  Please note that Mrs Nerd has been observed driving back from her lunch break rather quickly at times.  She's a teacher so she absolutely can't be late and teachers only get 30 minutes to get some place, order eat and return.


Project IS-F Part 5: Sikky Manufacturing Rear Sway Bar, Figs Engineering Adjustable Lower Arms and Toe Links, Project Mu Brake Rotors and Pads

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off, we had just installed KW Variant 3 coilovers on our car with some superlight Volk G2 wheels and sticky Nitto NT05 tires.  The wheels had a pretty awesome fitment filling the wheelwells nicely without being too radical for fully practical everyday driving.  Now it was time to finish setting up the chassis.  We wanted to make the car capable of doing some track work without sacrificing ride comfort, daily driveability or tire life.


Project IS-F: We Evaluate 3M Performance films, KW Suspension, Volk Wheels and Nitto Tires

By Mike Kojima

When we last left off on Project IS-F, we had done some intake and exhaust work and gotten excellent results.  Now it was time to work on the suspension, get some larger rubber under the car and add some tint and protective film by 3M.


Project Lexus IS-F Part 2: We test the Joe Z/ PTS Exhaust

Project Lexus IS-F Part 2: We Test the PTS - Joe Z Series Exhaust, Video Inside!

By Mike Kojima

One of the bad things about having an unusual car like our Lexus IS-F is that it is, well, an unusual car.  The IS-F is the first attempt by a rather young maker, in this case Lexus to build and market a true performance car.  Lexus has a reputation for luxury with value and rock solid reliability, not a performance and racing pedigree.


Lexus IS-F K&N Typhoon air intake dyno test

Project Lexus IS-F Part 1:  We Test the K&N Typhoon High Flow Air Intake

By Mike Kojima

When our friends at K&N heard that we had gotten an IS-F, they got excited and insisted that we try out their Typhoon high flow air intake system as they claimed that they had gotten excellent results in their testing.


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