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Project 370Z - ARK Design Superflow Exhaust Test

by Clint Boisdeau

So Project 370Z has not seen a power part upgrade since the first installment of the series which included the AEM “E.T.I.” cold air intake nearly 3 years ago.  Despite the Fairlady’s solid power to weight ratio as it stands, a bit more power, sound, and weight reduction from an aftermarket cat back exhaust system was desired.  With the help of ARK Design USA, the exhaust side of Project 370Z was going to see its first step in unlocking some power and performance oriented notes. 


Project 370Z - Heated Battle, Testing the CSF Triple Pass Radiator

by Clint Boisdeau

Last Year Project 370Z received some much needed cooling modifications thanks to CSF race radiators.  Their single pass/higher capacity radiator and AC condenser combo made for improved water cooling and retained the factory AC performance.  But as the year went on into the hotter months during summer,  water temperatures started to again fall victim to over heating.  The 370Z front end design only has one opening for radiator air flow.  So from the get go the top half of the radiator's surface area does not get fresh air.  On top of that, I have an external oil cooler taking up the left half of that single opening.  So even though the CSF radiator is a large improvement over the OE unit, there is still alot of factors working against it.  Top it off with 90 to 100+ degree summer track weather in SoCal, an engine known for high heat production and decently quick pace on track with a significant amount of time spent at wide open throttle, you have a recipe for overwhelming the cooling system.  There were a few things we tried before the CSF triple pass unit was implemented though.


Project 370Z - Stillen Brake Duct Kit Install and Testing

by Clint Boisdeau

Brakes, the all so critical system of a automobile that turns momentum into heat as well as being the most important safety feature of any car.  Unfortunately they're often over looked or marginalized, even by those who choose to track their cars on road courses.  Seems as though braking upgrades are not nearly as "cool" as power or suspension modifications, even though braking is far more important.


cusco lsd, nissan 370z, motoiq project 370z

Project 370Z - Improving Grip by Tuning a Cusco RS LSD!

By Mike Kojima

So far with our Project 370Z we have been focused on dialing in the chassis.  After some track time, it has become apparent that the rear differential is the next handicap in achieving faster lap times.  Although the Z has a viscous limited slip diff from the factory,  our testing has found it to be highly inadequate.  In fact it is hardly a limited slip diff at all, allowing a lot of inside rear wheel spin, even out of medium speed corners.  In some street tire testing at Buttonwillow our lap time was being limited to the low 2:06 range for configuration 13CW.


motoiq project nissan 370z, short shifter install

Project Nissan 370Z - Installing B&M's Short Throw Shifter

by Clint Boisdeau

One item that is typically at or near the the top of a performance enthusiast’s list of modifications is a short throw shifter.  In many cases short shifters are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and are a modification that is directly related to improving the driver’s interaction with the vehicle.  B&M, a long time aftermarket manufacturer of products related to precision gear selection, has a short shifter offering for the 370Z/G37/350Z/G35 6 speed manual transmission cars.


Project Nissan 370Z - Keeping it cool with a CSF radiator, HPS Hoses and a Nissan Motorsports Oil Cooler

By Mike Kojima

The Nissan 370Z is a notoriously under cooled car.  It has a pretty bad reputation for easily going into overheat limp mode very quickly under track conditions and sometimes even on the street during normal driving in extremely hot conditions.  Nissan knows about the problem - 370Z press cars are fitted with oil coolers and diff coolers.  Probably Nissan does not want to add to the price of the car and instead relies on cheaper electronic nannies like limp mode to control the engine's and driveline's temps.


Project Nissan 370Z- Kinetix Racing Suspension, Enkei Wheels and Continental Tires

By Mike Kojima

In our last edition of Project Nissan 370Z, we installed a basic suspension with KW V3 coilovers and Whiteline sway bars.  To continue to develop our car into a dual purpose track/daily driver we needed to add some more adjustability to the suspension, we had to get more negative camber in the front and less in the rear.  We also had to get more rubber on the road.

To achieve this we added some adjustable suspension links from Kinetix and some super light Enkei PF01 wheels with Continental Extreme Contact DW Tires.


Project Nissan 370Z- Suspension Basics

By Mike Kojima

In the first segment of Project 370Z we worked with AEM to evaluate the awesome ETI cold air intake.  Since our car is going to be focused on streetable track performance, we next turned our attention to the suspension.  The first and most critical parts of any track worthy suspension build are the swaybars, dampers and springs.


AEM 370Z ETI Intake dyno test

Project 370Z: Part 1 - Testing the AEM ETI Cold Air Intake

(Video Inside!)

By Mike Kojima
Nissan’s 370Z is a pretty damn good car. It is a nice improvement over the already good 350Z; it is more powerful, handles better, is lighter, stiffer and faster. We wonder why it doesn’t sell all that well as we feel that it is a class leading car at a reasonable price. Perhaps in this sluggish economy, the market for a mid priced two seat sports car, which for many people is a second or third car is too much of a luxury.

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