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Project Cars

Project Silvia's Girlfriend Part 1: Engine and Stuff

by Dave Coleman

This S13 project set out to do something that has never been done before. Build a civilized, mature, daily-drivable, air conditioned, totally-under-the-radar S13 that can still raise hell at track days. 


Project Silvia’s Girlfriend: Part 3 - Making it Pretty

by Dave Coleman

It only takes a short glance at any car I’ve ever owned (or any house, or my closet…) to realize I’m the wrong person for this third step on Project Silvia’s Girlfriend. Nevertheless, Sarah wanted a car that was up to her borderline obsessive standards of cleanliness and perfection, so I had to do my best to at least look like I was trying to achieve that. I’ve seen lots of pretty cars before, and I have a reasonable theoretical grasp on how they got that way, so I considered myself up to the task… at least at the beginning.


Project Silvia's Girlfriend Part 2: Making it Handle

by Dave Coleman

Seems like this would be a re-hash of Project Silvia's suspension, doesn't it? Turns out turning a tight budget into a civilized daily driver that can play track warrior without a single setup adjustment requires a whole different setup.


Project Silvia S14 block S13 head long-rod SR20DET

Project S13 Silvia: Shaving 2 Pounds off the Bouncy Bits!

by Dave Coleman

Read this story if you want to learn all kinds of previously unexplained details about the K1 rod / JE piston long-rod SR20 party all the MotoIQ nerds are having, or if you just want to understand how the sentence "I am a mammal, and as such, I'm smart enough not to shit on my own dinner plate" pertains to the resurrection of Project Silvia


What the hell happened to project silvia?

What The Hell Happened to Project Silvia?

by Dave Coleman

A simple head swap gone horribly wrong drags Project Silvia out of retirement and into the modern tuning world.


Project Silvia lead JIC Strut story

Project Nissan S13 Silvia: How to Polish Your Tube
(or What to do When Your JIC Struts Dry Up)

By Dave Coleman

Engineering a car is a series of compromises. When Nissan decided to make the 240SX a slow, soft piece of suck, it was a compromise calculated to make it durable, quiet, easy to drive every day, and cheap to build. When I decided to take this same worn-out, 300,000-mile piece of suck and make it fast, I was naturally sacrificing some of that comfort and undoubtedly some durability.


Project Silvia lead wheel bearing storyProject S13 Silvia: The official guide to not screwing up your wheel bearings like I did.

by Dave Coleman

The first one died after an ordinary day at the Streets of Willow Springs. Rolling to the trackside gas pumps to satiate the car's bottomless thirst for petroleum, there was a nasty growling noise. Turning right made it go away. Turning left made it get worse.


Project Silvia black spray paint story

Project Silvia: Once we went black, there was no going back.

by Dave Coleman

Achieving a passable paint job with a spray can is not nearly as simple as you might imagine. Here are some tips:


Project Silvia after the honeymoon rusty brembo

Project Nissan S13 Silvia: After the Honeymoon

by Dave Coleman

Experience teaches you a lot. Like why all car's aren't spray pained flat black, how long JIC coil-overs will last without any maintenance, and just how many wheel bearings one car can chew through. Do yourself a favor, read this and learn your lessons the easy way.


Project Nissan S13 Silvia: The Great Bumper Fire of '04

"Dude! You’re on fire!"

Yea, yea, the car’s fast, but I just melted an intercooler hose or something, so this isn’t exactly the best time to talk. Nor is it really the place. I mean, everything was going great a second ago, but something just popped and now every time I hit the gas, I get this lazy "blaaaah" and the car just gets slower. We could chat about it, but we're over a blind hill, we're going 7 mph, and the track is still hot. Maybe we should catch up in the pits...


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