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Project Garage Part XII: Liquid Magic

by Sarah Forst

Who among us has not identified a fluid on the driveway or garage floor by color, smell, or even taste? (Don't drink the Kool-ant...) At any rate, you know you're a true gearhead when the intoxicating scent of a fluid can conjure up memories of changing transmission fluid or bleeding brakes. The only way to consider yourself an expert is if you have a few stock ingredients in your garage pantry. And not just the ones required for maintenance or to keep your engine running, but the ones that you need to clean up after yourself too. Find out what Project Garage uses.


Project Garage: Part XI - Car Lifts

by Sarah Forst

When designing Project Garage, there were a few features I was set on including- a sink, a drain, and a lift. Then the local township got involved and put my dreams in park.  While I can make a sink functional somewhere/somehow, and I can use a hose or broom to clean up without a drain, a lift is the one dream I’m most disappointed in not having.  There were a few options I had considered from hydraulic lifts with all the components enclosed under the slab floor or increasing the ceiling height for a two or four post lift- nothing exists above two bays of Project Garage.  I really looked forward to not having to jack up a wheel every time I needed to work under the car but those plans were crushed like the demise of my NX.

So enter Project Guest Garage brought to you by a Canuck friend of mine.  Let’s start with the details- 30’ x 35’ main building garage space (1050 square feet for you math geniuses), 672 square feet 2nd floor storage (6’2” ceiling), 13’ cantilevered car port, and room for six cars nose to tail though it’ll house four for now.


Project Garage, X: Taking it to the Track!

By Sarah Forst

Unless you're the latest Powerball winner, you probably don't have an enclosed trailer or race crew to make engine swaps and clutch jobs a breeze at a track day. But a janky toolset from a garage sale also won't cut it. Whether it's your first time on the track or you've been hotlapping for years, a practical list of the basics will keep you from squandering your piggy bank watching everyone else have fun. Let's take Project Garage to the track!


tap and die set

Project Garage IX: More Garage Tools

By Sarah Forst

Equip your garage with all the tools that will help you perform a number of jobs. Project Garage gets fitted with specialty tools from soldering irons to pulley pullers to oil filter wrenches that will make completing many jobs a breeze and get you back on the road more quickly. 


Removing engine

Project Garage: Making it Messy

By Sarah Forst

Project Garage is faced with its biggest job yet- swapping in everything from one car to another.  Is it up to the task?  Can it stay organized and will it ever be as clean again???


garage tools

Project Garage, Part VII: Garage Tools

By Sarah Forst

A good garage space is useless without an effective collection of tools.  From sockets to ratchets, screwdrivers to wrenches, check out what keeps Project Garage stocked with everything it needs for all kinds of car projects.


Air tool sockets

Project Garage Part VI: Air Tools

By Sarah Forst

Air tools are not just about busting nuts. Pneumatic tools are more efficient than electric tools- they can exert more force using less energy and complete jobs more quickly.  


Project Garage Part IV: Air Compressors

by Sarah Forst

Many times I've struggled with stubborn bolts, cursing car manufacturers wth a number of expletives in languages I didn't know I could speak. Stripped, rusted, or fused, these bolts can make any breaker bar retire early and hit happy hour. Unfortunately if I ever wanted to mod any of my cars, my only other option was blowing off some steam… well, hot air really. My air compressor is not only convenient, but necessary.



Project Garage, Part IV: Getting Organized

By Sarah Forst

Finding time to work on your car projects is much easier if your garage is organized and efficient.  Let's see how to find space for everything we need.



Project garage part 3, painting the floor with epoxy

Project Garage, Part 3:  New Flooring

By Sarah Forst

Last installment’s bright lighting only illuminated how horrible the concrete floors were starting to look. From oil changes and swapping brake rotors to cam installs and shock inserts, Project Garage was getting more business than a Pep Boys Fast and Furious sale.



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