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Project Ducati Hypermotard: Part VI, Saving Weight

Project Ducati Hypermotard: Part IV, Saving Weight

By Jeff Naeyaert

Although the Ducati Hypermotard S is a pretty light bike from the factory at 390 lbs. we figured that we could always make a good thing better by getting rid of some of the weight.  For 2010 Ducati freshened up the Hypermotard model with the Evo SP which weighs only 379 lbs.  This is mostly due to lighter engine cases, flywheel, alternator and crank.


Project Ducati Hypermotoard

Project Ducati Hypermotard Part III: Protection

By Jeff Naeyaert

It was bound to happen sooner or later, while riding Project Ducati Hypermotard; we had the unfortunate opportunity to crash the bike.  Although it was a very minor low side while going slow, our bike got off really lightly thanks to some crash protection we had the foresight to install and what got damaged allowed us to put a few more cool new bits on the bike.



Project Ducati Hypermotard

Project Ducati Hypermotard Part 2

By Jeff Naeyaert

To give our Ducati Hypermotard more power, we had AMS Performance once again help us out with the mechanical aspects by installing a set of Ducati Performance cams.  Since the Engine uses Ducati's famous Desmodromic valve control system where one cam lobe opens the valves and another closes them, cam design is very difficult, beyond what the aftermarket can typically come up with.  Due to the complexity of the valvetrain we made the easy decision to stick with factory engineered parts.

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MotoIQ Project Ducati Hypermotard

Project Ducati Hypermotard Part 1

By Jeff Naeyaert

 We would like to introduce our first motorcycle project, Project Ducati Hypermotard. The Hypermotard is the opposite of a Supermoto bike.  Where the Supermoto bike is a Motocross bike modified for the pavement, the Ducati Hypermotard is more like an ultra high performance street-touring bike modified for dirt use with some full on road racing technology thrown in.  Its like the parts from a Honda CRF 450, a Ducati Monster naked street performance bike, a Ducati Multistrada sports touring bike and a Ducati 1098 sports bike were thrown in a pot to create a very unique bike that doesn’t really fit into any category other than its own.


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