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Doodlebug of Doom: Saving a Superpowered Minibike

by David Zipf

If you’re already planning to skip this article because it includes the word “Doodlebug” in the title, then I implore you to read on.  What we stumbled onto is no kid’s toy: some deranged individual took a cheap, Walmart bike and then strapped an actual go-kart racing engine to it, lost interest, and put it on Craigslist.  And then we picked it up because if it’s one thing a man needs in his life, it’s an interesting story to have told at his funeral.


Pocket Size Terror - Building a CRG ICC Shifter Kart

by Mike Kojima

If you are a long term reader of MotoIQ you have probably seen some of our stories on karting. We think that karting provides excellent low cost training for racing cars and for some of us it's actually harder than driving a car.

So we have several karts in our palatial shop, everything ranging from 100cc air cooled HPV karts to 125cc senior Tag karts.  These karts are all pretty good and the 125's are really fast.  So of course we had to do something even more extreme by building a shifter kart.  Not just any shifter kart but an open class ICC kart.


Christa's 2013 Ride- 2013 Top Kart Twister

By Mike Kojima

Karting is perhaps one of the best training aids for racing.  Karts are much cheaper to operate than cars and it's usually a simple deal to get your kart ready for a weekend of fun compared to your race car.  Most of us agree that Karting is probably harder than cars as well, more akin to a formula car than a sedan. The MotoIQ crew goes karting frequently to get a speed fix without spending a lot of money.

Karts are also good training for future drivers that are too young or small to drive a full sized car!  Christa Kojima has been karting ever since she was about 8 years old, starting in a 50cc kids kart, then moving up to a 100cc clutch kart at the mandatory age of 9.  Now as she approaches 12 she will have to move up again from her current class of HPV-1 to Jr's.


Project CRG Go Kart: From Basket Case to Bitchin

By Mike Kojima

Lately the MotoIQ staff has been Karting a lot to get our speed fix for few bucks.  Running MotoIQ is an expensive endeavor and we have had to mostly give up racing cars for now to keep MotoIQ growing and strong. Looking for cheap used Kart parts on Craigslist one day, we happened upon an ad for what seemed like a lost cause.


karting cheap track day alternative

Karting: Cheap Track Day Alternative

By Mike Kojima

What do guys like Billy Johnson, Dai Yoshihara, Joon Maeng, Tyler McQuarrie and other Pro Drivers do to keep sharp in between events and during the off season?  Karting. We know that most of you like track time, however track time is a precious commodity that is getting harder to come by in this sluggish economy.  As we get older, family and career commitments take away more and more time that used to go to race car maintenance and prep.  Some of us move out of family garage space and have less room in apartments and condos. All of these factors make owning a race car more and more difficult.


Christa Kojima's Top Kart

Christa's first Racer

By Mike Kojima

What does a 9 year old girl want, a pony? An all-you-can-carry gift certificate from Hello Kitty?  No, apparently she likes carbon fiber.  OOOH! Carbon fiber!  My daughter Christa squealed when she saw the Noonan Racing foot box that I got so she could reach the pedals on her Top Kart, racing go kart.


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