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Project Scion World Challange Season Recap

Project Scion World Challenge Season Recap

It was quite a year for DG-Spec, capturing the World Challenge touring car championship, manufacturer's championship, rookie of the year, and driver's championship. Check out this season recap.


Joon Maeng

Project Scion Clinches World Challenge Team, Manufacturer, and Driver Championships

TORRANCE, Calif -  This past weekend at rounds 10 and 11 at Virginia International Raceway, the DG-Spec Scion team clinched every Touring Car championship possible in the World Challenge series.  Even more impressive is that this happens with a race still to go at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. 


VIDEO: Project Scion tC at Watkins Glen!

Check out Project Scion and her sister car taking 1st and 2nd place at Watkins Glen in World Challenge Touring Car class!  Congratulations guys!

VIDEO: Project Scion tC at Long Beach!

Check out this sweet video of our Project Scion shot at the Long Beach Grand Prix.  Great in car camera shots show exactly how hard it is to drive on a street course.  Looking at how little the driver can see to aid in positioning the car and even work in traffic will give you reasons to respect what Dan Gardner and Robert Stout do!  This video is a must see.  If there is interest we can post some more raw in car video at a later date.


DG Spec Scion TC

DG-Spec & Scion Win Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach (video inside)

MotoIQ Staff Report Photos by Jeff Naeyaert 

Team owner and driver Dan Gardner was the fastest Touring Car in MotoIQ's Project Scion tC, with Stout taking second position in its sister car.  Neither driver had ever driven the course before, with both of the DG Spec drivers coming up to speed quickly on the unforgiving Long Beach street course.


Project Scion Takes St. Pete

Project Scion Takes St. Pete by Storm!

TORRANCE, Calif. — This past weekend, at the World Challenge season opener in front of an estimated 150,000 fans, the DG-Spec Scion road racing team proved again that Scion is the real deal, even at the top of the pro ladder.  Three podiums, and five awards of distinction were racked up by drivers Robert Stout and Dan Gardner, driving the number 18 and 36 DG-Spec Scion tC Touring Cars, respectively.


Dan Gardner DG Spec World Challange racing Scion TC

Dan Gardner Spec and Scion to Field Two-Car, Three-Driver World Challenge Effort

MotoIQ Staff Report

After three extraordinary seasons spent clawing through the road racing ranks, the Scion team fielded by owner/driver Dan Gardner will launch a new two-car, three-driver program to take on the World Challenge Touring Car series, arguably the highest level of production-based sedan racing in North America.


The Progress Group Scion TC coilover suspension kit

Project Scion TC Part 4: Suspension and Brakes

By Mike Kojima

With our cage and safety equipment done on our Scion TC race car, it is time to do stuff to increase performance!  The suspension on a road race car is critical for it to be competitive and we need to so some serious stuff on our car.  Since our Scion TC is being built in its first stage for NASA's PTD class, we have some interesting factors that we have to consider.


MotoIQ Project Scion TC

Project Scion tC at Thunderhill Video!

By Jeff Naeyaert

Check out this cool video of our Project Scion shot at the NASA Six Hours of Thunder hill.


project scion tc, painting the cage

Project Scion tC Part 3

By Mike Kojima

After Technosquare was done fabricating our cage we proceeded to paint the cage for corrosion resistance and a finished look.


Project Scion Wins WERC Endurance Series Championship

MotoIQ Staff Report

The Scion road racing team added another highlight to their 2009 season with yet another championship. The six-hour win at Thunderhill clinched the season championship for the Western Endurance Racing Championship (WERC) series. The team won every race, save one, en route to the E1 class victory, for a near perfect record…impressive, especially in an endurance format series. The team also accrued more points (585) than any other team in any class in the series. The Scion tC race car was completely bulletproof even with the engine spinning 5,000 to 7,500 rpm for three to six hours straight.


MotoIQ's Project Scion TC Wins in Speed World Challenge!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Our Project Scion TC, fresh from its victory at the NASA PTC National Championships continued its winning streak by dominating in its inaugural outing in Speed World Challenge's new Touring Car 2 class last weekend October 9-11 at Mazda Speedway (Laguna Seca) in Monterey California, the seasons finale.

Veteran racer Scott Webb, took the win during the 50-minute Touring Car race.  The TRD supercharged and intercooled Scion tC put on a great show for tens of thousands of fans, as he not only won the class, but actually mixed it up with the faster class TC cars. For Laguna Seca, team manager and two-time NASA national champion driver, Dan Gardner, had decided that Webb’s experience at the track made him the best fit to pedal the car.


MotoIQ’s Project Scion tC Wins NASA PTC National Title!

MotoIQ Staff Report

Photos by

This past Sunday, our own Project Scion tC campaigned by the JD Scion Road Racing team put another mark in the history books, winning a second consecutive national championship in NASA’s Performance Touring series. Perhaps most impressive was the fact that the team started in dead last and managed to climb back through the field and win the race.


Project Scion TC Part Two, Chassis and Cage Construction Details

By Mike Kojima

In our last segment of Project Scion TC Racer we had brought our car to Technosquare in Torrance California for the construction of a custom roll cage leaving the car in the capable hands of master fabricator Richie Watanabe.  It’s no secret that many of MotoIQ’s project cars and staffers personal cars end up spending a stint at Technosquare sooner or later. Richie has many years of experience constructing Pro Rally and race cars, and is quietly proud of the fact that every racer that has ever crashed while driving a car equipped with one of his cages has walked away unharmed.  The last Technosquare cage to be tested in such a spectacular manor is Taka Ono’s AE86 who flipped at a Formula D event at Irwindale raceway last year.


Project Scion TC

Project Scion TC Racer: Part One

So when Scion was launched as the brand of Generation Y, after looking at the cars specs, I sighed a yawn seeing that they were probably designed for cool kids and those who emulate them that were more into clothes, hair product and music than cars or at least the performance part of it. I immediately dismissed the brand as something I was not interested in and never paid attention to it again.


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