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We Visit the 2018 Tierra Del Sol Annual Safari! Or, the Experienced Idiot’s Guide on How to go Off-Roading

by Steve Rockwood

When the guys went on their rookie tour of the 2018 King of the Hammers race, I was supposed to be their tour guide. Unfortunately, due to a complete lack of comms in the valley and differing arrival times, this never panned out. When Jeff Naeyaert mentioned he was going to the Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari, I jumped at the chance to show him around my home turf. 


Project 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner: Part 2 - Got Armor?

by Emily and Brandon Campbell

Since our initial build article, we’ve had the opportunity to lightly test the truck’s capabilities. The ICON Vehicle Dynamics Suspension system is a radical departure from the stock suspension. The on-road performance is amazingly comfortable yet inspires a definite increase in speed through the city corners. The off-road performance is as prescribed by IVD: brilliant; and we’ve not even put her to the test. In early November, we captured this moment in crossing terrain rarely touched since the late 1800s in Slagel Hollow, KT and managed to win the #IVD17K photo contest!


Project 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner: Part 1 - Suspension, Tires and Wheels

by Emily and Brandon Campbell

This 4Runner is a long time dream made true. It all started in 2007 when we sold my beloved ’99 SR5 4Runner to get two new cars – with the best of intentions.  While Brandon has always had a love for all things automotive, he began with building off road trucks, then on to drifting.  However, my passions were different, but crossed in some paths.  I enjoy being in beautiful places, travelling and appreciate a powerful looking SUV.  We discovered a place where out interests intersect - building an off road vehicle together and going on adventures to those said beautiful places.  

Our first off roading experiences together were in a 2000 Ford Excursion Diesel with an ICON 3’ Shackle Kit.  These took us to places nearby like the George Washington National Forest and the Outer Banks.  While the Excursion was capable off road, it was meant to just be our towing vehicle.  Well…we solved that in March, when we traded in the Excursion and came home with a 2013 SR5 White 4Runner 4WD. While this truck looks sharp and is quite capable stock, there was already a vision for it: to build a technically proficient off road truck while maintaining on road performance. We opted for the SR5 for the 3rd row seat as well as the lower cost.  Follow us now as we embark on Part 1 of this journey.


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