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Project Starletabusa #3: Sitting in the Cheap Seats

By Alex Vendler

Project Starletabusa grows a pair! Of seats that is. Take a close look at one way to end up with some pretty nice lightweight sport seats for next to nothing cost wise. Look here if you want to learn about foam, fabric and hog rings. Even if your car already has nice seats here are some good tips on how to make them a bit better.

Project Starletabusta- Looking Back at Some Backyard Bodywork and Paint

 By: Alex Vendler

DIY Paintjob?  It can be done but it's really not for the weak or the impatient.  Here our Starlet takes on a new skin and it's owner loses some of his during the process.  Read on and see where he went wrong and right.


Welcome to Project Starletabusa!

By Alex Vendler

Teaching a junkyard dog some new tricks.  Giving this long forgotten gem some much needed star power using a Miatabusa drivetrain and more.  One man's journey to create a unique street/track weapon on a tough budget.


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