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Project Vehicross Part 9: Beefing Up the Brakes

by: David Zipf

I’m not going to bullshit here:  The Isuzu VehiCross’s brakes suck.  They are by far the worst part of the truck.  While Isuzu was kind enough to install four-wheel disc brakes all around, they are far too small to really pull down the 2-ton truck at speed.  Not long after we picked up out VX, we installed a set of EBC Greenstuff brake pads to try and help our brakes out.  They were a mild improvement over the original pads, but despite loving them on our old CR-V, they were not up to snuff in the VX and when we saw them getting low, we decided to do something about the whole mess.


We Check Out AMS Performance's Turbo Test Rig

By Khiem Dinh

A couple years ago, AMS Performance became a Garrett turbo distributor. In order to best serve their customers, they needed a way to test all the turbos to determine how they performed. A turbocharger gas stand is extremely expensive. An engine dyno cell is very expensive. An old Evo shop car? That could be made to work as the turbo test rig.


How to Pass Tech Inspection for The Drift League and Other Events!

By Mike Kojima

As the Technical Director for The Drift League, I was pleased that the quality of many of the Pro-Am cars that myself and Nikita Rushmanove were high and we have plenty of solid cars in the series. On the other hand, I was dismayed at the fact that NONE of the cars we inspected passed tech the first time through!


Bringing the Heat: Under Control!

by Frank Ewald

With our first track day and Knox Mountain Hill Climb 2018 now behind us, we can say without question that the HeatShield Products and the Koyorad have absolutely increased the cooling capacity of the NX GTi-R on the track. Our benchmark temperatures were set last October on a cool and sunny day. The daytime high was 16°Celcius. The temperatures we checked on May 5 and it was a sunny day and the ambient temperature was 22°Celcius (that's about 72°Fahrenheit). The temperatures were checked after the car had been out for the second session and, as this was a CACC Time Attack event here at Mission's River's Edge Road Course, you can appreciate that the car was being pushed. Two weeks later the NX was at the 61st Annual Knox Mountain Hill Climb; the runs up the hill showed an amazing difference one year later. The extensive improvements to the cooling system absolutely worked.


Project DC2 Integra, Testing the Fluidampr Crank Pulley

By Mike Kojima

We have big plans for Project Integra B18C engine.  Instead of swapping to a K Series engine to make easy big power, we are going to build up the older but still noteworthy B Series engine that the car comes with. Something that is relatively easy due to this engines huge level of aftermarket support.


A Proper Primer on Personal Protection

by Erik Jacobs

In the time between the SC300 getting dyno tuned and our first track day (complete with transmission soup), I had some extra shopping to do. It turned out that all of my personal safety equipment had timed out, and it all needed to be replaced with current gear. This is not an inexpensive proposition. For the average track day, a brain bucket is all that’s needed. But we had built a full-on race car and were intending to go wheel-to-wheel -- more would be required. And, generally speaking, it doesn’t hurt to have all the safety gear you can afford / bear to purchase.


Ultimate SR20 Rebuild Guide: Part 1 - The Teardown

by Nikita Rushmanov

Hello and welcome to the Ultimate SR20DET Rebuild Guide! In this series we will be covering the disassembly, blueprinting and reassembly of a S13 SR20DET engine in extreme detail. We will explain how each measuring tool works and how you can use it to precisely blueprint an engine. We will also cover some of the custom tools we need to make along the way.


Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 17 - Get out there! Or not...

by Erik Jacobs

With the car idling and most of the core sensors configured, we needed to keep moving forward in our electronics configuration in order to get to a point where we could actually drive the car. Technically we could drive the car right now, but without a functional dashboard that wouldn't be a very good idea - it's kind of hard to drive with a laptop in your... lap.


Controlling the Heat: KoyoRad

by Frank Ewald

In the last article we discussed how HeatShield Products were being used to contain the heat. This article is looking at the installation of a Koyorad aluminum radiator. It is this author's perspective that the Koyorad radiator has long been viewed as one of the best rads available for the Nissan SR20. The installation in the NX GTi-R was quick and painless. Koyorad is a very well known radiator company that build incredible aluminum racing rads. This new rad is a key part of optimizing the cooling system. 


Project GT3RS Getting More Power With Dundon Motorsports Part 2

By Mike Kojima

The Porsche GT3 RS is a supercar with state of the art engineering in the powertrain department.  It has a naturally aspirated 6 cylinder flat 6 that pumps out an amazing 125 hp per liter.  The 9A1 engine has an 8800 rpm redline and a stratospheric 13:1 compression ratio which it somehow runs with on pump gas, even California's crappy 91 octane pee water, with the aid of direct injection.


Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 16 - We have ignition!

by Erik Jacobs

In the last segment, we said that we had finished wiring everything, but that’s not quite true. There were just a couple of finishing touches to sort through and then we would be able to power up the chassis and start programming devices!


Inside the 1000 hp LS, Dai Yoshihara's Formula Drift Powerplant

By Mike Kojima

MotoIQ Garage has taken over the development of Dai Yoshihara's engine program for the last two years from a famous high dollar engine builder. The previous engine had decent power but the reliability was lacking. We were experiencing some sort of engine related issue every few events and halfway through the season, the engine performance would degrade and a fresh engine would need to be installed.  


Controlling the Heat: HeatShield Products

by Frank Ewald

In the last article on the NX GTi-R there should have been no doubt in anyone's mind that the temperatures in the engine bay and the engine itself were bordering on the extreme. Temperatures that were under control in 30 minute track day sessions were now spiraling upwards. The larger turbo, the tighter clearances when the engine was built with forged parts, and the loss of the mystical factory manifold heat shield when I transported the NX across the country have all conspired against me.


Project R35 GT-R, Really Improving the Aero with Verus Engineering

By Mike Kojima

While its somewhat bulky looks are deceiving, the DBA R35 GT-R is one of the most aerodynamic cars currently in production with a Coefficient of drag of .26.  This puts in in the top 10 of production sedans with low drag coefficients. 


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