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Basic Drift Car Chassis Setup: The S-Chassis Tension Rod

by Nikita Rushmanov

The rear tension rod is probably the most overlooked suspension arm on an s-chassis. A lot of people don’t understand how it works, and there is a lot of conflicting information on the internet to add to the confusion. Because of this, when most people get adjustable arms for the rear of their car, they just set their tension rod to the same length as factory and leave it.


Wrench Tip: How to Do Your Own Alignment!

by Nikita Rushmanov

When most people hear the word alignment, they think of two things-- lasers and alignment racks. There is a preconceived notion that in order to achieve an accurate alignment, you need a $50,000 alignment rack. That is simply not true. With a little ingenuity and math, you can achieve extremely accurate alignments without any expensive tooling whatsoever. When racers hear the word alignment, they think of strings and levels. 


WATCH: MotoIQ Project V8 RX7 Suspension Update

From custom fabricated control arms to revalved KW V3 coilovers with HLS, Mike Kojima goes under Project V8 RX7 to explain everything we did to address the new suspension geometry challenges we faced when adding 50mm to each corner with a Rocket Bunny wide body kit.


The Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling Part X: Bump Steer/Toe Steer

by Mike Kojima

It's time to think about suspension.  Some of the most common handling problems that you are the most likely to see on modified street cars and race cars based on production chassis, especially in racing classes that do not allow relocation of suspension pick up points are bump steer and toe steer related handling issues.  Bump and toe steer can have significant negative effects on a car's handling which is manifested by steering pull, twitchiness, instability, steering inaccuracy and unpredictability.  All of these things are scary for drivers to deal with.


The Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling Part IX: It’s All in the Geometry - The Roll Center

By Mike Kojima

In the first parts of our suspension series we have covered basic suspension stuff. Now it’s time to bury ourselves in tuning suspension geometry. Geometry tuning is a step above the usual bolt on street parts. Making changes on this fundamental level is what racecar and suspension engineers do for a living, but we’ve found that with the more popular cars in this market there are parts available to help with these mods.  Some of you are also advanced enough to experiment with this as well.


The Ultimate Handling Guide Part 8: Understanding Your Caster, King Pin Inclination and ScrubThe Ultimate Handling Guide Part VIII: Understanding Your Caster, King Pin Inclination and Scrub

By Mike Kojima

Understanding what caster does and how to use it is a powerful tool in the box of a suspension tuner.  Since caster is not adjustable on nearly all FWD cars and usually not adjustable for many late model cars as well, we saved its discussion until now.  Discussions of caster pertain to the front suspension only as caster comes into play as steering angle is induced.


The Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling: Part Seven- Tuning your Toe

The Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling: Part VII - Tuning your Toe

By Mike Kojima

Previously in our series we were talking about general tips for you to follow when tuning your suspension.  In our last installment we talked about adjusting your camber to gain more grip.  Today we will talk about an easier and more basic adjustment that has a great influence in handling, adjusting your toe settings.


The Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling: Part VI, Adding Negative Camber

By Mike Kojima

In the first 5 parts of this series you learned some basic steps to improving your car’s handling. The first four steps involved the use of basic performance suspension parts available for most cars, the parts that most people with an interest in handling obtain.  Been there, done that?  Then it's time to head for more advanced suspension tuning, involving the alignment, chassis stiffness and suspension geometry.


Hella Dumb


The Ultimate Handling Guide Part V: The One Unforgivable Sin, Overlowering Your Car

by Mike Kojima

I am not Jesus so I don't have to forgive you if you mess things up when setting up your car. I am talking about sin, pure dumb unforgivable sin. No it's not the one that’s talked about in the New Testament that gives clergy fits to explain to lay people, its a big mistake, one that nearly all enthusiasts are unknowingly guilty of that is the most common mistake when modifying a car's suspension.  It’s a sin which so thoroughly screws up handling that it gives engineers fits when trying to explain why this is so to automotive enthusiasts.


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